What to Expect

What to expect during your first chiropractic appointment

During your first consultation with the doctor, you will discuss any health-related issues and concerns. You will find out if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care! If Dr. Cheatle determines chiropractic is not the best solution for your specific case, he will refer you to the appropriate specialist.


History and Examination

In order to pinpoint the problem, the doctor will ask you a number of questions related to your condition. A variety of targeted neurological and orthopedic tests, including a posture evaluation and range of motion analysis will be performed to locate the cause of your problem. From the information gathered Dr. Cheatle will decide the appropriate method of treatment, from manipulation to rehab exercises.


Three Phases of Care

After the doctor has determined the problem and administered initial treatment, it’s time to decide which Phase of Care you will use to continue treatment.

1. Phase I – Intensive Care Phase

When a patient comes to the office, it is usually because there is a pain or injury that is so hampering that one needs immediate relief. Depending on the circumstances one can feel relief from pain in as little as one week. This phase continues until the immediate need is corrected and the pain is almost gone.

2. Phase II – Corrective Care Phase

As the pain subsides many patients feel they no longer need chiropractic care. This is not the case. While the pain may have subsided, there is still much healing to be done within the structure of the body and the nerves. Stopping treatment in this phase is likely to end in a relapse of the pain symptoms and the problem returns. While the visits are not as frequent in this phase of chiropractic, the healing that takes place during these visits is crucial to long term spinal health.

3. Phase III – Wellness / Maintenance Phase

Once the patient has maintained regular chiropractic care through the corrective care phase, the body has healed itself. Occasional adjustments are a smart idea to maintain a healthy, normal functioning body and mind.


Home Instructions

In helping you to achieve your health goals, it will be up to you to contribute to your care. You will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This may include ice or heat applications, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and lifestyle modifications. We encourage you to ask questions at any time. Our goal is to make your visits to Cheatle Chiropractic and Rehab Center the most effective, efficient, enjoyable health care experience you could have on your “road back to health”.