CW Hemp

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract

Hemp extract has become well-documented as having significant health benefits, improving everything from a person’s immune system to reducing pain and inflammation. Drawn from the entire hemp plant, it is important to understand how these extracts work with the human body to improve the body and mind.

Hemp oils, capsules and creams contain Cannabidiol (CBD), one of more than 100 Cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are fatty compounds that also are produced by other plants and occur naturally inthe human body. Cannabinoids are considered antioxidants and neuroprotectants, and are patented as such by the U.S. government. Only one of the more than 100 cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is psychoactive. Many others, in addition to CBD, are beneficial to human and animal health.

CBD, when taken consistently, actually works with your immune system to improve your overall health, relieve pain and inflammation, and repair and strengthen damaged cells.

Charlotte’s Web products are among the most trusted hemp extracts in the world, leading the industry in quality, safety and consistency.The oils are drawn from the whole plant – leaves, stems and buds – so they contain a variety of beneficial cannabinoids.

Based out of Colorado, the CW Hemp products we are now offering at Cheatle Chiropractic include hemp oils, capsules and creams. Ask our professionals how these products may benefit your overall health.

CW Hemp is a family owned Colorado Company and the exclusive provider of Charlotte’s Web, the World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract. As stated on the company website, it is their goal to provide products of the highest possible quality.

Research continues to support cannabidiol’s potential for having significant impact on the health and wellness of those who use it.

It currently is available from our office in the following forms:

  • Hemp oils
  • Hemp capsules
  • Hemp cream