Shoulder – Rotator Cuff

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and it uses a vast network of muscles. The muscles used provide a great deal of motion and power to the arm when they are working correctly. However, when there is pain in the shoulder, people avoid using it causing frozen shoulder syndrome.

Frozen shoulder syndrome often occurs when there is shoulder pain causing the person to avoid using the shoulder as much as possible. This causes scar tissue to form in the muscles, limiting how much the shoulder is able to move. This can be avoided early on by getting a muscle specific massage treatment for the shoulder. The most common painful muscle in the shoulder is the deltoid, even with those who have a rotator cuff injury. The treatment of this muscle in many causes will eliminate the pain and return full movement to the shoulder.



Massage therapy and chiropractic care focuses on finding the specific muscle or muscles that are causing the pain or lack of motion. Many athletes and injured workers have suffered from debilitating shoulder pain due to the muscle imbalances that cause great stress on the muscles in front of the shoulder, while over stretching the muscles in the back of the shoulder.

As the pain subsides with the treatment of massages and stretching, we will then focus on strengthening the injured and weak muscles with rehabilitation exercises.